Why Do We Do This?

We strongly believe (and want all to know) that healing, change, and restoration are possible for everyone. We know there are experiences common to all human beings that test the limits of what we believe about ourselves and the world around us. Because of this, we also know there are certain things everyone needs to thrive.

At times we see the circumstances of our lives as positive and we feel as if nothing can bring us down. Other times, we face challenges, obstacles, and pain. It is during the dark times in our lives we especially need support from those that can remind us of our hope and life goals. In both times of trouble and times of peace, we need to have people who are able to speak truth into our lives even when those truths are difficult to hear. All of us need places of sanctuary to speak our hearts and minds without the fear of judgement or rejection.

When these needs are met for the individual, the individual is better able to remove barriers and strive toward wholeness. Wholeness for the individual fosters the development of healthy families and communities.

At Dynamic Counseling and Coaching Solutions we believe whole people connecting with one another enhances the well-being of the family and the community. Similarly, people living and working together as whole communities will make the world better for all of us. To this end, Dynamic Counseling and Coaching solutions fosters the kind of individual growth that comes from intentional change by promoting health, healing and restoration.

Among other things, the word whole means, “free of wound or injury, recovered from a wound or injury, or being healed” (Whole, n.d.)

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Our Mission

To help individuals take intentional steps toward meaningful change by promoting hope, helping them find direction, helping them heal and fostering restoration of their relationships.

Our Vision

To become a trusted community partner with respect to connecting people with themselves and others across all areas of life.